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Kalyana Krishnan R
Kalyana Krishnan R
Professor (Retired)
Dept. of Computer Science and Engg., IIT Madras, India


Research Interests
  Till about 1990, my research interests closely related to the subjects I was teaching such as, Computer architecture, Computer System Design, Computer Graphics, Statistical Signal Processing, Microprocessor Systems, Embedded Systems etc. The graduate students who worked with me during this period worked in the general area of Computer Architecture and Graphics, besides Statistical Signal Processing of Biomedical or Acoustic Signals. The primary interest in Graphics related to Curve Design, as applied to rendering text in Indian Scripts. 

  During the last decade, I have concentrated on the problem of computing with Indian Languages and designing software systems supporting user interfaces in Indian and other South Asian languages.

  There is not much we do that qualifies as "Academic Research" but students in the Systems Development Laboratory which I setup in 1976, have contributed to an important project that has gained visibility in the country.

  I have learnt hard lessons in undertaking this exercise. Ours is a largely technology starved society and "Does a technology savvy institution such as the IIT have any role in bridging the divide between the sections of the society separated by technology"? A decade of involvement with the real technology needs of our country, at least in respect of education and literacy, has sharpened our technical skills but has also reminded us of the new lessons to be learnt. Please visit the pages of this site relating to "Software Design Issues" for details of the project which has kept me and my students occupied for the past fifteen or more years. 

  I now find that my attention is increasingly drawn towards the problem of "Technology for the Society" where one worries about introducing technology to a community keeping in mind Social Relevance. Read about my views on "Technology and Society".

Academic Background
B.Tech (Electrical Engg.) IIT Madras 1967 
Ph.D (Information Systems) Yale University USA 1973 
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engg., IIT Madras 1975-1979 
Professor 1979 to date. 
Membership in Professional Bodies
Life Member: National Geographic Society, USA
Life Member: Biomedical Engineering Society of India
Courses taught
Random processes 
Biomedical Information processing 
Electronic Circuits and Systems
Microprocessor Systems 
Numerical Computing 
Computer Architecture
Computer Graphics 
1980s and later 
Computer Architecture 
Computer Graphics 
Computer Organization 
Digital Systems 
Systems Design 
Late 90s 
Introduction to Engineering Design: A course taught for the undergraduates in the very first semester. This course is an experiment in teaching fundamentals of Design in a non-technical fashion which involves novel approaches to teaching large classes.
Most recently published papers
Nothing in the last decade that is worth mentioning. There are many tutorial articles you will find at this web site on various aspects of multilingual computing. 
Other Information


I retired from IIT Madras in March 2011 after a long service lasting nearly four decades. When I joined IITM as a student in 1962, my aspirations were to become a teacher and these were fulfilled in 1973 when I returned from graduate study at Yale and joined the faculty. At that time the name IIT implied engineering skills.

Times have changed! At the time of my retirement, the emphasis had changed from "down to earth engineering" to "visibility through research". I cannot accept this but it is inevitable that I keep quiet and not speak about it.

Technology now comes from outside the institution. The responsibility no longer rests with the faculty to see that engineering is sustained within. This absolves them of accountability when things fail!

Good old Engineering provides for handling failures gracefully. I do hope this principle will not be ignored while teaching students how to make things work!

Expressing my gratitude

RKK in 2011

I wish to express my gratitude to the generations of my students who have distinguished themselves in the world as capable achievers. I have been lucky indeed to have earned their respect (and now friendship).

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